Tips On How To Avoid Locking Yourself Out Of The Car


Car lockouts happen each and every day. And when you lock yourself out of the car you end up losing valuable time. A car lockout could have you getting late to that important meeting, missing a job interview, or simply getting home very late after a long day. Car lockouts are avoidable. And we have a number of simple ideas on what you can do to avoid another lockout ever again! Check them out below to see which ones you’re not practicing yet.

  1. Always take your keys with you when leaving the vehicle

This might seem obvious and ridiculous to even mention but it does happen. A good ratio of the people who lock themselves out of their cars do so after leaving their keys either on the ignition or somewhere inside the car, probably the center console. A solution for this is to always take the keys out of the ignition and put them in your pants pocket. That way when you exit the vehicle you do not leave/lock them behind.

  1. Leave your window slightly open when exiting your vehicle temporarily

Ever stepped out of your vehicle for a second only to realize upon coming back that you locked yourself out? One way to reduce chances of that happening again is to always lower your window before stepping out briefly. Of course, for security reasons, this is only possible if you are in a safe area and have a direct sight line to your vehicle at all times. Leaving your driver window slightly lowered ensures that you have a way to unlock your door should you lock the keys inside by mistake.


  1. locked carDon’t put your keys in your jacket or bag after leaving the vehicle

Sometimes people get out of their cars and then throw their jackets inside the car before locking the doors only to realize the blunder. Try to avoid putting your car keys inside your jacket. The same goes for putting the keys in your bags. Have them on your person at all times. It’s better to keep the keys in your hands if you are wearing something that does not have any pockets.

  1. Have a spare key at home & work

Another great way to limit the chances of a lockout happening is to have spare keys. Have one at home and another at work. This way you will always have a second key to unlock your car with should you ever get into a lockout situation. Of course this does not help much should you lock yourself out when far away from home or work. Your locksmith Tucson can easily create your spare keys for you at affordable rates.

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