Is It Cheaper To Hire A Mobile Locksmith?

Mobile locksmiths provide a wide range of services to people who have locked themselves out of their cars, offices, and homes. These professionals are on call 24 hours a day and sometimes 7 days a week. Mobile locksmiths bring their expertise and services to when you need them. Here are some of the services that a mobile Tucson locksmith provides:

  • Supplying and installing new locks.
  • Providing lockout services for vehicles, homes, and business premises.
  • Lock re-keying.
  • Lock repairs.
  • 24/7 emergency services.

Are you in the Tucson area and in need of a locksmith? If yes, you may be wondering if you need a mobile locksmith or a regular locksmith posted at a store somewhere. Compared to a regular Tucson locksmith, is it cheaper to hire a mobile locksmith? This question does not have a straight yes or no answer.

A mobile locksmith can charge you anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars for their services. Their services vary in cost due to various factors.

These factors (which we have outlined below) are the main reasons why a mobile locksmith Tucson may be cheaper or more expensive compared to a regular locksmith.


Have you ever locked yourself out of your car? We can bet that it was not the best feeling. Many people have found themselves in such a situation with no access to a spare key. Additionally, locking yourself out of your house or business premises is a common occurrence. The only solution to your predicament is calling a mobile locksmith Tucson.

Depending on their availability, a mobile locksmith can get you out of your predicament in no time at all. However, most people find that they call for these professionals between 7 and 10 am which is peak hours. You can expect to pay a bit more at these times as opposed to off-peak hours of the day.

Professional Training

At our Tucson locksmith practice, we only employ certified and trained mobile locksmiths. Locksmiths in our Tucson practice are professionally trained and have all the right certifications that make them good at what they do.

A professional mobile locksmith Tucson also has great reviews from past customers. These professional interactions go a long way in solidifying their expertise. A professionally-trained mobile locksmith in Tucson will provide a warranty on any business, residential home, or car lock that they work on.

At OR Tucson locksmith, we offer a 3-month guarantee for all our brand new installs and specialized labor work.

Quick Response Times

How fast will a mobile locksmith in Tucson get to me when I call? One thing is for sure, our mobile locksmith will get to you quickly as long as you are within our area of operation at any time of day or night, seven days a week.

Generally, mobile locksmiths will respond to emergencies even after-hours. Usually, emergencies will cost a bit more to fix as opposed to a regular call. This is often because a mobile Tucson locksmith will need to employ specialized equipment for such emergencies. Some folks ask, what is the average cost for a locksmith to open your car? This may cost anywhere from $75 to $150. If you will need a new key, it could go up to $300.

Type of Locks

A mobile Tucson locksmith has the professional know-how to unlock any type of lock. If you need help unlocking a regular door lock, it may come cheaper than it would to unlock an electronic lock. Some homes feature electronic locks which require an internet or Wi-Fi connection. It costs anywhere from $60 to $150 to rekey and reprogram such electronic locks.

Some car door locks require a key fob that contains a programmable microchip. These require more specialized equipment to unlock and rekey. Such keys need to be reprogrammed using certain software. This naturally will drive the cost of the services of a mobile locksmith higher.

locksmith vehicle

Operation Costs

Trip fees will apply if you need a mobile locksmith to come out to wherever your car or building is. The farther out you are, the higher the cost of the entire service will be. Usually, trip fees can go up to $50 but if you call a Tucson locksmith during peak hours, it could go up to $150.

FAQs about Tucson Locksmith Mobile Services

  • Is it cheaper to rekey or replace locks?

Based on our locksmithing experience, you are better off rekeying your lock. This will save you from buying all brand new parts which is the case when you replace locks.

  • Can a locksmith open a locked car?

A mobile locksmith has all the equipment necessary to open a locked car door. So if you lose your spare key, you can call a locksmith and they will help you gain access to your car in no time.

  • How do locksmiths open car doors?

If your car key has broken inside the lock, a Tucson locksmith will use special equipment to remove the broken piece from the lock. Using this key fragment, the locksmith will create a duplicate key. If your key is locked inside the car, your mobile locksmith in Tucson will use a slim Jim to unlock it.

  • How do I open my car door without a key?

Ideally, the easiest way is by using a slim Jim to pick the lock. However, you may end up scratching your car or worse still – damaging the lock. We prefer you call a Tucson locksmith to help you if you are in the area.


Final Thoughts

Before settling on a Tucson locksmith, be sure to call up a few providers and evaluate them correctly. Only deal with professional, and certified mobile Tucson locksmiths like OR Locksmiths.

Our locksmiths are professional and can re-key, make duplicate keys, and install new locks. We are on call 24/7 to handle all your lock and key emergencies. Contact us today to find out what we charge for various services. You will find that our services are backed by great reviews and offer you great value for your money.

Our Tucson Mobile Locksmith Services Are a Must-Have. And Here’s Why

Locksmith is easily one of the oldest profession that is even more relevant in today’s world. So what does a mobile locksmith do? Our mobile locksmith Tuscon creates, designs, and repairs virtually all types of locks. In addition to offering these services, a mobile locksmith offers emergency services in case you have locked yourself out of your car, house, or business.

In today’s world, a locksmith is part of the security and maintenance aspect of any business, regularly checking locks for security breaches.

There are three main tasks that a moble locksmiths easily handles:

  • Mobile residential locksmith

Here we offer services that revolve around residential doors, entry sytems, locks, and keys. If you lock yourself out of your house, you can call our residential locksmith Tuscon to let you in.

  • Mobile automotive locksmith

At least one in every ten people has locked themselves out of their car at one time or another. An automotive locksmith will easily get you out of your predicament in no time – and safely. Any issues about your car door locks, ignition key replacements, and so on are handled by automotive locksmiths.

  • Mobile commercial locksmith

Much like the residential locksmith, this locksmith deals with issues around locks and keys in commercial outlets. They can make your business safer or more convenient for employees to access various spaces securely.

Why is a locksmith important?

In case you lock yourself out of your home, car, or office, you can be sure that a mobile locksmith Tuscon will come to your rescue in no time. If you feel that your locks were compromised following a break-in attempt or an actual burglary, you can depend on a mobile locksmith to come to you and offer their professional services.

Having a mobile locksmith in Tuscon on speed dial gives great peace of mind because wherever you may be in Tuscon, they will come to you and help you into your home, office, or car in no time at all.

These are the main services that make a mobile locksmith Tuscon a must-have service for you.

They Are Trained Professionals

When you call a locksmith Tuscon to help you with your locks, you can be sure that they are not coming to fiddle around. Locksmiths are trained certified professionals able to work with any kind of locking system on any kind of door.

What happens when you call a locksmith?

First off, our mobile locksmith Tuscon service responds to emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When we arrive at your destination, we will have all the right tools to handle any kind of lock or issue at hand.

How do I know if a locksmith is legit? That is pretty simple, simply check out our mobile locksmith Tuscon reviews online. Additionally, you could call us and ask questions and if we tick all the boxes, then you are in good hands.

Our mobile locksmith Tuscon service offers a variety of services

Are you locked out of your car? We have an automotive locksmith on call to handle your dilemma. If your house has just been burgled, we have a residential locksmith ready to offer their services to you.

Are you having routine maintenance of your commercial building? Call our mobile locksmith Tuscon and you will have a commercial locksmith on your way to do a professional job.

Mobile locksmiths not only get you out of a tight spot in case of a misplaced key or compromised lock, but they can also design locks that meet your needs and specifications. Do you have a safe whose combination you forgot? Call up a locksmith Tuscon and that will be sorted out in no time.

Mobile locksmith = Fast responses

Mobile locksmiths respond to emergencies. Because of the nature of their job, they have little time to spare when you call. At our locksmith Tuscon offices, we offer mobile locksmith services around the clock, 7 days a week.

Since our mobile locksmith Tuscon team is always on the move, you are bound to find one near you when you call. Whatever time of day or night, our mobile locksmiths are on hand to help you out.

How do I choose a locksmith service? This is one of the questions that we believe should be answered by how fast a locksmith can get to you. And for us here at OR Locksmith that time is mere minutes!

They Are Experts in This Field

It is a known fact that most people have fiddled with a problematic lock at one time or another without much success. Well, our locksmith Tuscon team takes the guesswork out of the problem because we are well-trained to handle any lock mishap you have.

A mobile locksmith can also advise you on whether you need your locks replaced or repaired. They will also use professional tools and gadgets on your locks avoiding any damage.

So should I tip a locksmith? Our mobile locksmith Tuscon teams do not expect a tip as the fee we charge adequately covers our expenses. We think tipping should be the prerogative of the client based on their satisfaction of the services rendered.

If You Need Repairs or Rekeying

Mobile locksmiths offer rekeying and repair services. They travel with all the equipment that they will need to offer these services at any time of day or night. Whether you are on an abandoned highway late at night or you cannot open your office door early in the morning, you can count on these experts to offer a solution.

If you need a lock repaired, our locksmith Tuscon team will be able to offer this service immediately. If you need a new set of keys, they can also do this for you since they are fully kitted out to handle all kinds of emergencies.

Final Thoughts:

Mobile locksmiths are a vital service in our world today, and we cannot envision a world without them. Their emergency response time is great, especially if they come from a certified and professional unit like our locksmith Tucson office.

Locksith Services in Tucson

If you live in Tucson and need a locksmith, you’ll find that locksmiths are readily available and can help you with a variety of tasks, from changing locks to replacing broken ones. The Tucson residential locksmith will arrive on time, and you’ll see that the staff is well-dressed and clearly identifiable. Moreover, each member of the company will be in a company uniform. Pixx By Sixx Lock & Key LLC is owned and operated by a third-generation Tucson native. This Tucson-based company is staffed by a professional and courteous team. This Arizona-based, three-generation-family-owned business has been in business since 2017 and continues to take ongoing education.

woman holding a car key

There are many locksith service providers in Tucson. OR Locksmith, for example, provides a wide range of locksmith services at competitive prices. The team works one-on-one with customers and offers affordable, high-quality service. If you’ve locked your keys in your car or home, OR Locksmith is the best choice for fast, professional and reliable lock and key services. Whether you’ve locked yourself out of your home, or have locked your keys in the car, OR Locksmith can help. In addition to providing lock and key services, they can install a deadbolt system and provide a variety of solutions for both residential and commercial properties.

When you need a locksmith in Tucson, you’ve found the right place. With the wide array of Tucson locksmith service providers, you’re sure to find the one that suits your needs and budget. With an extensive array of lock and key services, OR Locksmith Tucson can solve your lock and key problems at a low price. Not only will they get your car keys back within a short period of time, they will also provide you with training and safety equipment for your business.

Regardless of the type of lock you need, a locksmith in Tucson will be able to help. Unlike other companies, Locksmiths in Tucson are fully equipped to meet your needs, no matter what kind of situation you are facing. They can unlock any vehicle, regardless of the make or model, so you don’t have to worry about the cost. The cost of unlocking your vehicle is competitive and they offer competitive prices for their services.

Besides offering excellent service, Locksmiths in Tucson can also help you with car keys. Their expert technicians can easily remove a broken key from your car ignition. And they’re always ready to answer your questions. A reliable and professional locksmith will be able to help you no matter where you are in the world. So, don’t delay – call for a free consultation today! If You Live in Tucson, You Need Locksmith Services

It’s imperative to secure your home and keep burglars out. Locksmiths in Tucson are your first line of defense when it comes to home security. Leaving your home without a lock or a key to protect it is a sure way to invite trouble. It’s essential to make sure you have the right locksith services in Tucson. If you’re in the city, consider hiring a mobile locksmith service.

A Tucson locksmith service can help you with broken ignition keys. If you’re locked out of your car, it’s important to hire a locksmith to replace your broken ignition key. They are experienced and professional, and will help you with your needs. And, because they’re insured and licensed, they’re the best option for your security. With this, you won’t have to worry about your car keys. This means you’ll have peace of mind.

A locksmith in Tucson can help you with all of these problems. Whether you’re locked out of your house, locked out of your car, or locked out of your car and need to program a new key, a locksmith can do this. If you’re in need of a new ignition key, a car locksmith can help you out. Not only can they do lock repairs, but they can program new keys for you.

A Tucson locksmith is a great option if you’re in need of emergency car locksmith services. With the many options available, a locksmith is the best option for any situation. For instance, they’ll help you program a new car key without you having to pay the dealership’s prices. If you’re in need of an ignition repair, they can also help you with your ignition. Then, when you lock your car, you’ll have peace of mind.

7 Reasons To Have Your Locksmith in Tucson Install A Doorbell Camera in Your Home in 2022

Do you know about doorbell cameras? Have you thought about installing one in your home? As a preferred locksmith in Tucson, we are well familiarized with doorbell cameras and have installed quite a number of them for our clients.

There are many doorbell camera brands in the market today. Some of the common ones are Nest, Ring, Arlo, Wyze, Logitech, among others. They work by alerting you when someone rings your doorbell or when someone is within close proximity to your door. You can then communicate with that person, and they can do the same too.

Should you get a video doorbell? We think so. And here’s why:

Keep yourself safe – see who’s at the door

When your doorbell rings, how do you know who is waiting for you on the other side? Is it a friend, your neighbor, a delivery guy, or a stranger? This is even more important when it’s your kids left at home alone.

How can I make my home safer?

A doorbell camera lets you know who’s near your property even before they have rung your door. And if it’s a criminal who is hovering around and maybe planning to steal items around your front door, the camera will alert you of that as well so that you can take the appropriate steps. And what makes all this better is that you get these alerts even when you’re not at home!

Curb burglaries in and around your house

Are you worried about strangers straying into your Tucson home and attempting to steal your hard-earned property? Have you had run-ins with burglars of late?

What do burglars hate?

Burglars hate to be spotted committing crimes. They love to come and go unnoticed. So, one of the best ways to deter them is to install surveillance equipment. And what makes doorbell cameras so effective here is that the burglars do not know they are being monitored until it’s too late. While traditional surveillance cameras can be spotted from further away, burglars often do not identify doorbell cameras until their faces are all over your camera.

Spend a little money on this and save yourself the cost and trouble of having to replace valuable items which have been stolen or damaged in your property.

Monitor your home remotely at any time

Would you like to see what is going on in your home even when you are away? Many doorbell cameras can let you do just that. And as one of the best locksmiths Oro Valley has, we can carry out this installation for you at very good rates.

How can I monitor my home from anywhere?

Once we have set up this installation for you, you’ll be in a position to check in even when at work or away on travel. All you have to do is go to your mobile phone app that is linked to the doorbell and tap to see a livestream of what is going on outside your house. Does that sound like something you’d like to have access to?

Notice deliveries as they happen

Are you often anxiously waiting for a package wondering when it will get there? Well, with a doorbell camera you never have to wonder any more. Your mobile phone will be buzzing with alerts the moment the delivery van is parked at the curb. That way you can go to the door to receive your goods in person. Or, you can even give the delivery person instructions via the doorbell, if you so wish.

What time to deliveries usually arrive? Your packages can arrive at any time during the day; all the more reason to think about this security installation.

Deter porch pirates

Have you ever had one of your packages stolen right off your porch? Tired of porch pirates? Porch pirates are responsible for stealing thousands of packages around America valued at millions every year. There is an easy solution though.

How do I stop my package from being stolen from my porch?

Never lose a package again. As we said earlier, a doorbell camera lets you know who is around your front lawn and even lets you talk to them. With that said, such a doorbell will alert you any time a package vandal approaches your door and you can scare them off remotely. Of course, they will think you’re right behind the door even when you might be miles away in another state!

Can talk to kids or family too

Another great reason why you should have your favorite mobile locksmith in Tucson install a doorbell camera in your home is that you can easily stay in touch with friends, family, or anyone dropping by when you’re not around.

Can I talk to someone through my ring doorbell? Yes you can; in real time too.

Are your kids or the baby sitter at home and without a phone? They can go to the front door and talk to you!

Talk to service providers remotely when away

Sometimes you have service providers coming to your home and you just wish you could talk to them to issue special instructions, to say “thank you”, or maybe just to remotely monitor their work. We’re talking about cleaners, garbage collectors, delivery mail staff, landscapers, builders, etc.

With a doorbell camera you can talk to such people working in or around your property even without needing to have their phone number – which might be the case. Or you can just watch how they work, what they do, what time they came in to work, etc.

We are the best locksmith Tucson has and we’d love to help you make your home safer. If you think a doorbell camera would be a great addition to your home, give us a call and let us issue you with a free quote. We can also discuss other security installations such as alarm systems, new locks, keyless systems, and more. Talk to us today.

Locksmith Services in Tucson, AZ

We understand just how important having a reliable locksmith Tucson is. If you are in Tucson, Arizona, and need locksmith services of any kind, OR Locksmith is the company you need to call right away. It doesn’t matter if you need a house call, you need locksmith services out on the field somewhere, or need to come to the store with your hardware. We do it all.

Let’s discuss what different locksmith services you may need in Tucson, why you may need them, how much it will cost, and more.

When should I seek locksmith services?

In some cases you can tell that you will need a locksmith due to a particular purchase or change you are making in your life. In other cases, the need for a locksmith may come abruptly.

When should you need a professional locksmith?:

  • Emergency services

This is when you lose your keys, lock yourself out of the house, your car key jams inside the lock, etc.

  • Lock repairs and servicing

Locks do get damaged from time to time. Here you may need rekeying, key duplication, servicing of commercial locks, etc.

  • Just got a new property

If you just acquired a new home or business in Tucson, AZ, you might choose to have the locks changed or upgraded. You could also choose to install a security system and surveillance equipment.

  • Just got a vehicle

Bought a new car? If you’re taking on a used vehicle, changing the locks or rekeying them is goof for security reasons.

  • After a security breach/scare

If a third party has made any security threat to your home, car, or business, you can talk to your locksmith and see how to protect your hard-earned property better.

  • Security maintenance, inspection & upgrades

Every once in a while, it is prudent to have a locksmith evaluate your locks and security systems and make appropriate changes where necessary, especially for businesses and commercial vehicles.

Residential locksmith in Tucson, AZ

For many people, a home is the largest and most expensive investment they own. Therefore, it is only wise that you take good care of it by safeguarding it (and your family) against threats. For one, a residential locksmith Tucson can install high-quality main door locks, a security system, safes, and even a surveillance system. Your Tucson residential locksmith can also deal with your lock repairs, changing locks, servicing jammed locks, lockouts, etc.

Automotive locksmith in Tucson, AZ

An automotive locksmith is important nowadays more than ever before. As vehicles get more complicated, your auto locksmith Tucson, AZ, company can help you safeguard them for you.

Some of the auto locksmith services you may need a locksmith to help you with include changing car locks, rekeying locks, duplicating car key fobs, repairing ignition systems, and retrieving your keys from a locked vehicle.

Commercial locksmith in Tucson, AZ

A locksmith can add security to your business, be it a bar, restaurant, store, warehouse, office or manufacturing plant. They can advise you on what equipment to install to make your business safer and how to ease and control human traffic, especially in restricted areas.

Some of the areas of expertise that your Tucson commercial locksmith can shed light on include security pads, door closers, surveillance systems, master key systems, card keys, deadbolt locks, and alarm systems. They can also deal with lock repairs, rekeys, key duplication, changing locks, lockouts, maintenance and servicing.

Finding a reliable locksmith in Tucson, AZ

What makes a good locksmith?

A good locksmith must be qualified. And that means having the requisite training. They should also be experienced – meaning they have actually done the work for a while and know what to do. We also think they should be up-to-date with the newest systems because hardware and brands change all the time. And they should be available when needed.

How do you know if a locksmith is reliable?

To help gauge if you have found a reliable Tucson Locksmith, ask questions. Ask them how they go about their process with clients, ask about their licensing, and also ask for referrals from past clients. Also check their reviews online and see if past customers are happy with their work. 

What should I look for when hiring a locksmith?

Make sure they are licensed, have the tools to get the job done, offer good customer service, and are showing genuine concern about your needs. Other details that may appear small (such as answering the phone professionally, having an actual office & wearing a work uniform, etc.) also matter too.

How much do locksmith services cost in Tucson, AZ?

A general callout charge around Tucson, AZ is $50. For emergencies, that goes up to about $100. The hourly fee for changing locks is about $60 per hour; lock rekeys are about $45 per hour. Heavier security installations will cost from about $200.

How much should a locksmith charge?

The cost of hiring a locksmith will depend on various factors such as where you are, what time of the day it is (normal hours vs after hours), and how much work you need done. You can use the rates above as a guide to see if you are being charged fairly or not.

How do I get the best locksmith services?

  1. Provide your locksmith with all the relevant information so that they can offer the best solutions for your needs.
  2. Avail yourself when the work is being done. This doesn’t apply to straightforward jobs such as changing locks, rekeys or duplications. It’s only necessary for jobs such as security installations.
  3. Discuss with the locksmith all the work to be done. Evaluate if they can do what you need done. Then plan how the work is to be carried out.

We are confident we are the best locksmith Tucson can offer you. And we do a pretty good job with our clients. Talk to us about your residential, commercial, or auto locksmith needs. Or just call us today and get an estimate on any work you need.

The best locksmith customer service in Tucson


The customer experience with a local locksmith technician usually begins over the phone with the customer service. Maybe you broke your car keys in the lock, need a key replacement, or want to repair your door lock, but one thing is sure, the first thing you will do is call an emergency locksmith service. At OR Locksmith, we understand that these situations can be frustrating and stressful. 

We put all our effort into excellent customer care. It makes us reliable and gives us a trusted name as a locksmith service in Tucson. Here are three reasons why you won’t find a better professional locksmith service in Arizona.

1: We offer a quick response time

Did you lock yourself out of your home? Do you want to upgrade your lock to a high-security system? Did you break your key in the lock? Whatever the reason of your call, our top priority is to get to you as fast as possible.

We are a 24-hour mobile locksmith service. We will make sure that our focused workforce gets to your location promptly, even if it’s in the middle of the night.

2: We are fully licensed and reliable

Best of all, our company is fully licensed and insured, which brings peace of mind to every customer. There is no need to worry about safety in any way. The clients can focus on what is important: getting back to their routine and moving forward after going through what can sometimes be a traumatic situation. We are known for giving transparent information and having competitive prices and offers.

3: We provide locksmith and security expert services

Locksmith Tucson features industry experts that are licensed, insured, and bonded. Whatever kind of help you need with your locks and keys, our team will provide you with the right solutions. Because we’re professional locksmith and security expert services, you will be positive that the job you call for is conducted efficiently.

At OR Locksmith Tucson, we give undivided attention to each customer. For any questions or advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our service calls. We’ll be happy to help you and to provide you with the best locksmith customer service.

Contact us for more information and offers.

OR Locksmith Tucson


24/7 locksmith services

Which Lock Should I Choose For My Garage?

The garage is a space often used to store valuables such as tools or your car. Because burglary is everywhere, securing your garage door in Tucson, Arizona, is essential to prevent theft. When it comes to securing your home, we often think first of the front door. Therefore your garage probably isn’t as secure as the rest of your house. Thieves can take advantage of that. So let’s review the different garage door locks options that will give you peace of mind.

OR Locksnith Tucson Slide Lock

Slide Locks

The most popular option is the slide locks, also called latches. First of all, because they are cost-effective if you don’t use a garage door opener. Second of all because they are effortless to install.

OR Locksnith Tucson T-handle Lock

T-handle locks

Another popular way to secure your garage is to use T-handle locks. This type of lock uses a cylinder key to lock. It makes it harder to replicate the key, so it adds a layer of security.

OR Locksnith Tucson Automatic Lock

Automatic garage door locks

Many people choose to install an automatic garage door. It’s often the chosen option for people that use their garage door as an entry to their house. It opens with a remote, and it locks once your garage door is closed.

When it comes to locking your garage, you want to make sure you are choosing the right lock. Therefore you should consider a few things. First, you need to find a lock that matches the type of door you have. In order to maximize the level of security of your lock, you should make sure of its strength and quality. Finally, be sure to have a competent and professional locksmith install the locks. At OR Locksmith Tucson, we have the tools and expertise for every job, no matter the size. Our team gives you lockout solutions that will certainly receive your full satisfaction. Because we’re security industry professionals, you will be positive that all the jobs you call for are definitely conducted efficiently. Additionally, the brand-new system installs, and specialized labor is guaranteed for three months.

Contact us for more information and offers.

OR Locksmith Tucson


24/7 locksmith services

Lock Change or Rekey Locks Tucson

When you own apartment complexes or your own home that might have keys floating around out there, you should look into a rekey locks Tucson.  Rekeying locks is the more affordable solution, of course, we offer lock changes as well.  The difference is that you get to use and keep your hardware in a rekey, while in a lock change you will swap out the locks for new locks.  Both are effective in giving the building new locking mechanisms, it simply is a matter of personal choice.  If you don’t like the hardware you have, then a lock change might be the route you have.  

How Do We Rekey Locks?

Rekeying locks should be left up to the professionals.  There are tumblers inside that we can switch out and make a new key for.  This allows you to keep your current locks but get new keying.  This is good for those looking to change the locks but not invest in all new hardware.  This is used a lot in apartment buildings where tenets come and go to ensure that the locks are different with each tenet.  Locks are actually pretty simple devices, which is why locksmiths can pick the locks for you as well as make new locks.

If you are in a situation that you need your locks changed, give us a call. We work with homeowners as well as commercial property owners to get them new locks. Whether we install brand new fixtures or rework what you have to give your building all new keys, we are here to help!  We can even program the locks to all use the same key, should there be various entrances. This is nice, as you won’t have to carry around a pile of keys to get into all of your buildings.  One key will open everything.  How convenient would that be?

While we offer rekeying and lock changes for Tucson Arizona,  we also offer other locksmith services such as automotive locksmith services, commercial and residential services.  We take the time to get the information and understand what it is that our clients need. We are proud of our locksmith skills and can open up just about any lock presented to us.

Tucson Locksmiths for Rekeying or New Locks

We are armed with skill and knowledge about the different types of locks and how they work.  From time to time we will make new keys for those that have lost theirs, even for your car.  We carry various types of hardware that we can install on your residential and commercial buildings with ease. We are proud Tucson locksmiths that are here for both emergency services as well as non-emergency.  Perhaps you simply want some backup keys, we can help with that as well as if you find yourself locked out.  

We are fast, reliable, and certified as well as licensed and bonded.  We take locksmithing very seriously by offering the highest regarded professional services in all of Tucson.  Call today.  We would be happy to answer your questions and go over the best options for your particular situation.  Each situation is custom to that particular problem. Sometimes rekeying is an option, other times getting new locks makes more sense.  Call today and let’s see what would work best for you.

Should You Change the Locks Once You Move Into a New House?

So you just moved into a new house with your family. Your realtor hands you the keys to the property and tells you “welcome home”. You go online to look for ideas on what to do after moving into a new home and you get suggestions about changing the locks immediately. Should you change your locks after moving into a new house? As a reliable locksmith Marana residents love and trust, we have answers for you.

For your peace of mind

Your peace of mind is very important. If you need to change the locks of the home you have just moved into so that you can achieve peace of mind then do it. If changing the locks will help you sleep better at night or enable you to leave your family behind and not have to worry about them then you should most certainly get your locksmith to do it.

Better locks equal better security

You might move into a home that has okay locks and an okay alarm system. You could stay with that. But why not upgrade and get even better security?

 Some reasons to upgrade in such a situation include:

  • Maybe you have had past experiences that caution you to take security more seriously.
  • Maybe it’s due to the nature of the work you do.

 Is replacing the keys to my house worth it? Better security for your home and property is always a good investment. Go for it and have the best locksmiths do it so that the installations are carried out properly.

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It’s your sole prerogative

Still racking your brain about whether it’s worth changing your locks or not, whether it’s necessary? Well, it being your property makes it your sole prerogative whether to remain with the old locks or go for new installations. Whatever decision you make, you hold the responsibility (and consequences). As long as you feel that you have made a responsible decision that you can live with, then that’s that. Trust your judgement from that point on.

Of course, it would be a wise idea to consult a locksmith if you are conflicted. A good locksmith can carry out an assessment and advice you based on the security concerns of the area. They might also advise you to opt for a lock rekey service so that you don’t have to change the looks or spend too much money. Is it cheaper to rekey or replace locks? Yes, rekeying is cheaper.

It’s not really a must that you change your locks

Lots of people move into new homes and don’t change their locks. And they end up fine. Now this not to say that what the masses choose to do is the right thing. Sometimes, it is not. However, it does tell you that you do not necessarily have to get new locks. If your home is in a safe neighborhood, belonged to responsible people, or the realtor already changed the locks, then there might be no need to spend lots of money rekeying the locks or replacing them.

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Rekeying Your Car’s Locks And When You Should Do It

Are you thinking about protecting your vehicle from theft? Are you considering changing the locks perhaps? There is the option to rekey your car locks instead. Read all about it below to understand what that is and why it could be a great idea for you.


What is car rekeying?

A car rekeying service is the same as a residential or a commercial rekeying service. This is where the locks are reconfigured to take different keys. So you get to remain with the same locks but use new keys from that point on. The older keys will not be able to open the locks anymore. This is a great alternative to changing locks entirely.


How much does a car rekey service cost?

The cost of rekeying your car will depend mainly on the make and model of the vehicle. Older cars with simpler locking systems are cheaper to rekey. However, newer cars with more sophisticated locks will be costlier to replace. That is because the risks are higher when rekeying such models. Another factor that will influence the cost of a car rekey is the location you’re in. A rekey in bigger cities will cost more than it typically does in Marana or Oro Valley, AZ.

On average, a car rekey will cost between $65 and $200.

car door hadle bar

Advantages of a car rekey service

There are some solid reasons why people choose to rekey their car locks. They include:

  • It is cheaper than replacing the locks.

Changing the locks of your automobile will cost you considerably more than simply rekeying them. And because the end result is the same, you can always opt for a rekey and save some money.

  • It makes your vehicle more secure.

A rekey means that all previous keys that were used to access the vehicle are now redundant. This makes your vehicle more secure especially if you have lost your keys recently.


When you should rekey your car’s locks

  1. Right after buying a second hand vehicle.
  2. After an attempted security break-in or theft.
  3. When you have lost the original keys.
  4. After every few years of use, especially with commercial use such as rentals.
  5. After changing the ignition system so that you have a single key opening both.


Common questions about car rekeying:

  1. Is it cheaper to rekey or replace locks?

It is cheaper to rekey your car than it is to replace the locks. However, the cost difference is not that huge.


  1. Can you rekey a car ignition?

Yes, car ignition systems can be rekeyed. This happens often. Some of the reasons for rekeying a car’s ignition system include accidental damage or attempted theft.


  1. Can you rekey a car without the original key?

Yes, this is possible as well.


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