Which Lock Should I Choose For My Garage?

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The garage is a space often used to store valuables such as tools or your car. Because burglary is everywhere, securing your garage door in Tucson, Arizona, is essential to prevent theft. When it comes to securing your home, we often think first of the front door. Therefore your garage probably isn’t as secure as the rest of your house. Thieves can take advantage of that. So let’s review the different garage door locks options that will give you peace of mind.


OR Locksnith Tucson Slide Lock

Slide Locks

The most popular option is the slide locks, also called latches. First of all, because they are cost-effective if you don’t use a garage door opener. Second of all because they are effortless to install.


OR Locksnith Tucson T-handle Lock

T-handle locks

Another popular way to secure your garage is to use T-handle locks. This type of lock uses a cylinder key to lock. It makes it harder to replicate the key, so it adds a layer of security.


OR Locksnith Tucson Automatic Lock

Automatic garage door locks

Many people choose to install an automatic garage door. It’s often the chosen option for people that use their garage door as an entry to their house. It opens with a remote, and it locks once your garage door is closed.


When it comes to locking your garage, you want to make sure you are choosing the right lock. Therefore you should consider a few things. First, you need to find a lock that matches the type of door you have. In order to maximize the level of security of your lock, you should make sure of its strength and quality. Finally, be sure to have a competent and professional locksmith install the locks. At OR Locksmith Tucson, we have the tools and expertise for every job, no matter the size. Our team gives you lockout solutions that will certainly receive your full satisfaction. Because we’re security industry professionals, you will be positive that all the jobs you call for are definitely conducted efficiently. Additionally, the brand-new system installs, and specialized labor is guaranteed for three months.


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Lock Change or Rekey Locks Tucson

Lock Change or Rekey Locks Tucson


When you own apartment complexes or your own home that might have keys floating around out there, you should look into a rekey locks Tucson.  Rekeying locks is the more affordable solution, of course, we offer lock changes as well.  The difference is that you get to use and keep your hardware in a rekey, while in a lock change you will swap out the locks for new locks.  Both are effective in giving the building new locking mechanisms, it simply is a matter of personal choice.  If you don’t like the hardware you have, then a lock change might be the route you have.  

How Do We Rekey Locks?

Rekeying locks should be left up to the professionals.  There are tumblers inside that we can switch out and make a new key for.  This allows you to keep your current locks but get new keying.  This is good for those looking to change the locks but not invest in all new hardware.  This is used a lot in apartment buildings where tenets come and go to ensure that the locks are different with each tenet.  Locks are actually pretty simple devices, which is why locksmiths can pick the locks for you as well as make new locks.

If you are in a situation that you need your locks changed, give us a call. We work with homeowners as well as commercial property owners to get them new locks. Whether we install brand new fixtures or rework what you have to give your building all new keys, we are here to help!  We can even program the locks to all use the same key, should there be various entrances. This is nice, as you won’t have to carry around a pile of keys to get into all of your buildings.  One key will open everything.  How convenient would that be?

While we offer rekeying and lock changes for Tucson Arizona,  we also offer other locksmith services such as automotive locksmith services, commercial and residential services.  We take the time to get the information and understand what it is that our clients need. We are proud of our locksmith skills and can open up just about any lock presented to us.

Tucson Locksmiths for Rekeying or New Locks

We are armed with skill and knowledge about the different types of locks and how they work.  From time to time we will make new keys for those that have lost theirs, even for your car.  We carry various types of hardware that we can install on your residential and commercial buildings with ease. We are proud Tucson locksmiths that are here for both emergency services as well as non-emergency.  Perhaps you simply want some backup keys, we can help with that as well as if you find yourself locked out.  

We are fast, reliable, and certified as well as licensed and bonded.  We take locksmithing very seriously by offering the highest regarded professional services in all of Tucson.  Call today.  We would be happy to answer your questions and go over the best options for your particular situation.  Each situation is custom to that particular problem. Sometimes rekeying is an option, other times getting new locks makes more sense.  Call today and let’s see what would work best for you.

Should You Change the Locks Once You Move Into a New House?

So you just moved into a new house with your family. Your realtor hands you the keys to the property and tells you “welcome home”. You go online to look for ideas on what to do after moving into a new home and you get suggestions about changing the locks immediately. Should you change your locks after moving into a new house? As a reliable locksmith Marana residents love and trust, we have answers for you.

For your peace of mind

Your peace of mind is very important. If you need to change the locks of the home you have just moved into so that you can achieve peace of mind then do it. If changing the locks will help you sleep better at night or enable you to leave your family behind and not have to worry about them then you should most certainly get your locksmith to do it.

Better locks equal better security

You might move into a home that has okay locks and an okay alarm system. You could stay with that. But why not upgrade and get even better security?

 Some reasons to upgrade in such a situation include:

  • Maybe you have had past experiences that caution you to take security more seriously.
  • Maybe it’s due to the nature of the work you do.

 Is replacing the keys to my house worth it? Better security for your home and property is always a good investment. Go for it and have the best locksmiths do it so that the installations are carried out properly.

keys in door

It’s your sole prerogative

Still racking your brain about whether it’s worth changing your locks or not, whether it’s necessary? Well, it being your property makes it your sole prerogative whether to remain with the old locks or go for new installations. Whatever decision you make, you hold the responsibility (and consequences). As long as you feel that you have made a responsible decision that you can live with, then that’s that. Trust your judgement from that point on.

Of course, it would be a wise idea to consult a locksmith if you are conflicted. A good locksmith can carry out an assessment and advice you based on the security concerns of the area. They might also advise you to opt for a lock rekey service so that you don’t have to change the looks or spend too much money. Is it cheaper to rekey or replace locks? Yes, rekeying is cheaper.

It’s not really a must that you change your locks

Lots of people move into new homes and don’t change their locks. And they end up fine. Now this not to say that what the masses choose to do is the right thing. Sometimes, it is not. However, it does tell you that you do not necessarily have to get new locks. If your home is in a safe neighborhood, belonged to responsible people, or the realtor already changed the locks, then there might be no need to spend lots of money rekeying the locks or replacing them.

Do you need a locksmith in Oro Valley, AZ? Just moved into the area? Talk to us about your security needs. We offer the best residential, auto, and commercial locksmith services in northern Tucson.


Rekeying Your Car’s Locks And When You Should Do It

Are you thinking about protecting your vehicle from theft? Are you considering changing the locks perhaps? There is the option to rekey your car locks instead. Read all about it below to understand what that is and why it could be a great idea for you.


What is car rekeying?

A car rekeying service is the same as a residential or a commercial rekeying service. This is where the locks are reconfigured to take different keys. So you get to remain with the same locks but use new keys from that point on. The older keys will not be able to open the locks anymore. This is a great alternative to changing locks entirely.


How much does a car rekey service cost?

The cost of rekeying your car will depend mainly on the make and model of the vehicle. Older cars with simpler locking systems are cheaper to rekey. However, newer cars with more sophisticated locks will be costlier to replace. That is because the risks are higher when rekeying such models. Another factor that will influence the cost of a car rekey is the location you’re in. A rekey in bigger cities will cost more than it typically does in Marana or Oro Valley, AZ.

On average, a car rekey will cost between $65 and $200.

car door hadle bar

Advantages of a car rekey service

There are some solid reasons why people choose to rekey their car locks. They include:

  • It is cheaper than replacing the locks.

Changing the locks of your automobile will cost you considerably more than simply rekeying them. And because the end result is the same, you can always opt for a rekey and save some money.

  • It makes your vehicle more secure.

A rekey means that all previous keys that were used to access the vehicle are now redundant. This makes your vehicle more secure especially if you have lost your keys recently.


When you should rekey your car’s locks

  1. Right after buying a second hand vehicle.
  2. After an attempted security break-in or theft.
  3. When you have lost the original keys.
  4. After every few years of use, especially with commercial use such as rentals.
  5. After changing the ignition system so that you have a single key opening both.


Common questions about car rekeying:

  1. Is it cheaper to rekey or replace locks?

It is cheaper to rekey your car than it is to replace the locks. However, the cost difference is not that huge.


  1. Can you rekey a car ignition?

Yes, car ignition systems can be rekeyed. This happens often. Some of the reasons for rekeying a car’s ignition system include accidental damage or attempted theft.


  1. Can you rekey a car without the original key?

Yes, this is possible as well.


OR Locksmith is the best car rekey locksmith Tucson, AZ, has. Contact us today and ask for a free quote. Our services are also available in Tucson and Oro Valley.


Need A Good, Reliable Locksmith In AZ? – Here are the signs to look for

When you run into problems pertaining to the locks and security systems of your home, business premises, or vehicle, what you need at that moment is a locksmith. And not just any locksmith will cut it. You always want to work with a locksmith that is reliable and trustworthy. Are you looking for such a locksmith in Oro Valley, AZ? OR Locksmith LLC shares with you some clues on how to gauge who is a reliable locksmith. Read on to find out.

They are duly licensed to operate

A locksmith that isn’t licensed could be incompetent to handle any work pertaining to keys and locks. Worse, they could have had their license revoked due to various reasons touching on unprofessionalism. Whenever you engage a new locksmith always ask about their licensing status. A licensed locksmith has met the needed legal criteria to offer services and that is a good sign that they can get the job done.

They don’t quote prices before checking out the work

Have you ever been given a quote or estimate by a service provider before you even explained the full scope of work needed? Another tell-tale sign of a locksmith company you should be wary of is one that details pricing before fully understanding what you need done. Such scenarios often lead to you needing to fork out more money or your work going uncompleted. A good locksmith often tells you to wait for a proper quote once they have looked at your locks or once they have inspected the site.

man installing door lock

They recommend the best hardware even if they don’t sell it

Locks and security hardware are a big part of a locksmith service. In fact, a good locksmith service goes hand in hand with good hardware. Hardware here includes keys, locks, safes, alarms, surveillance cameras, etc. Look out for a locksmith that tries to push inferior products. Inferior products here include cheap and little-known brands. A reliable locksmith will advise you to install only the best high-quality locks and security systems – even if they do not have them in stock.

They offer warranties on their work

Does you locksmith stand by their work? Warranties show that your locksmith has faith in their products and handicraft. A good warranty on a service should serve as a good sign that the locksmith offers good service. Of course this is no guarantee but it does go a long way. Given the chance it is better to go with a more expensive locksmith who offers a better warranty. As they say – cheap is expensive.

They are available on call

Reliability also includes being there when you need them. After all, what use is a good locksmith if they are not there when you need them? A reliable locksmith understands that his/her clients may need them at any time. They are therefore easily reachable on call at most times. Even better, they are available around the clock for emergencies.

OR Locksmith is a reliable locksmith Marana, Oro Valley, and Tucson residents can trust in. Give us a try and see the difference!

Tips On How To Avoid Locking Yourself Out Of The Car

Car lockouts happen each and every day. And when you lock yourself out of the car you end up losing valuable time. A car lockout could have you getting late to that important meeting, missing a job interview, or simply getting home very late after a long day. Car lockouts are avoidable. And we have a number of simple ideas on what you can do to avoid another lockout ever again! Check them out below to see which ones you’re not practicing yet.

  1. Always take your keys with you when leaving the vehicle

This might seem obvious and ridiculous to even mention but it does happen. A good ratio of the people who lock themselves out of their cars do so after leaving their keys either on the ignition or somewhere inside the car, probably the center console. A solution for this is to always take the keys out of the ignition and put them in your pants pocket. That way when you exit the vehicle you do not leave/lock them behind.

  1. Leave your window slightly open when exiting your vehicle temporarily

Ever stepped out of your vehicle for a second only to realize upon coming back that you locked yourself out? One way to reduce chances of that happening again is to always lower your window before stepping out briefly. Of course, for security reasons, this is only possible if you are in a safe area and have a direct sight line to your vehicle at all times. Leaving your driver window slightly lowered ensures that you have a way to unlock your door should you lock the keys inside by mistake.


  1. locked carDon’t put your keys in your jacket or bag after leaving the vehicle

Sometimes people get out of their cars and then throw their jackets inside the car before locking the doors only to realize the blunder. Try to avoid putting your car keys inside your jacket. The same goes for putting the keys in your bags. Have them on your person at all times. It’s better to keep the keys in your hands if you are wearing something that does not have any pockets.

  1. Have a spare key at home & work

Another great way to limit the chances of a lockout happening is to have spare keys. Have one at home and another at work. This way you will always have a second key to unlock your car with should you ever get into a lockout situation. Of course this does not help much should you lock yourself out when far away from home or work. Your locksmith Tucson can easily create your spare keys for you at affordable rates.

If you need an automotive locksmith Tucson, AZ, OR Locksmith is here for you. And that includes when you lock yourself out of your car, when you need new door locks, when your car key is jammed inside the lock, when you need your ignition repaired, and more.



5 Sure Ways To Tell If Your Locksmith Is Reliable Or Not

Most locksmiths are great people and great service providers. But you might have had one or two not-so-pleasant experiences with a locksmith. If so, you might be asking yourself – How do I find a trustworthy locksmith? As a preferred Locksmith in Marana, AZ, we can tell you a few ways to check if the locksmith company you are looking into is legit or not. Check it out below.


  1. Insured, licensed & bonded

Can I trust locksmiths? You can trust any business – just not on face value. The locksmith in question must show you that they are trustworthy. Or they must show you that they are not untrustworthy. And it all starts with the basics. Check if they are licensed to work in your area, check that they are bonded so that your work is completed no matter what, and check that they are insured so that you can get compensated should your furniture, car, or other property get damaged in the course of their work.


  1. Has an office/shop

How do I know if my locksmith is real? It’s totally normal to ask yourself whether that locksmith company you saw online exists or not. A sure way to find out if they are real or not is to ask if they have a shop where they operate from. Even if they are a mobile service they should have a small shop where everything is centered. Next step, make a visit to their shop and see if they are real. Having a physical shop is not a guarantee that a business is real but it is a very good sign.


  1. Is reachable on phone during all business hours

You may need a locksmith at any time of the day (or night). Another good way to see if they are reliable, therefore, is to see if they do answer their phone. A reliable business (especially a locksmith service) will strive to always answer their calls. More so, when it is normal business hours. If a locksmith business cannot be reached easily that is a red flag that you should be careful with them.


  1. Has active clients

A reliable business will attract many clients over time. After all, everyone wants a reliable locksmith or plumber, electrician, etc. So check to see if the business has active clients. Is there anyone else seeking their services? See if anyone else is coming to their shop. Look to see if their business van makes any calls from the office. Does their phone ring with customer calls? Go ahead and ask them how business is doing.


  1. Has good reviews from past clients

What makes a great locksmith? Well, great service of course! And by service we mean it all. So how do you tell if a locksmith has great service before you have even tried them? By seeing what those who have are saying about them. That is, check their customer reviews. You can do that by:

  • Talking to friends or colleagues who may have tried them.
  • Checking comments on their social media pages or on their website.
  • Looking through review sites such as Yelp, BBB, and Trustpilot.


OR is a reliable locksmith in Marana. Give us a try and call us on 520-488-0000.

Get A Duplicate Transponder Key For Your Vehicle And Save Yourself A Lot Of Inconvenience

It is easy for drivers to take their car keys for granted. After all, they are always there when you need them, right? No, that is not always the case. Just like anything else, you can lose track of your keys or find yourself in other situations that bring you a lot of inconvenience. That is why as your locksmith Oro Valley expert, we urge you to get a copy of your transponder key. Can you copy a transponder key? Yes it can be done. Read on to see why this is important.

Get a back-up key for those unexpected lock-outs

Car lockouts are common. We know because we deal with them all the time. Have you locked yourself out of the car? Well, it can happen, and at the most inconvenient of times. Like when you are at the gas station, when on a road trip, or when leaving work for home. While we can help you with your car lockout problem in Oro Valley, we advise that you get a duplicate transponder key which will save you time, money, and panic.

How much does it cost to replace a transponder key? The costs range at about $100 -150 but it depends on the exact situation and vehicle in question.

Have an extra key to give out when lending your car out

Every car owner has to lend out their vehicle from time to time. It could be to your co-worker who didn’t bring theirs that day, it could be your spouse whose car is at the shop, it could be your kids, or it could be your friend or neighbor. When you have a duplicate key for the vehicle, you can give out the extra key so that should something happen, you still have a way to access your vehicle regardless.

Keep your original key for when you leave your car at the garage

Have to leave your car at the garage and the keys too? We bet you don’t feel so good about leaving your cherished vehicle to other people and remaining with no means to access it. When you have a second transponder key, you can feel safe and still in possession of your vehicle because you have a key with you. And you never know whether it might come in handy.

Need A Reliable Locksmith In Tucson, AZ?

You don’t always need a locksmith. But you when you do need one to make you a new key, to unlock your vehicle, or to install security locks in your new store, you want the absolute best locksmith in Tucson, AZ. Where can I find a reliable locksmith? OR Locksmith LLC is what you are looking for. We are a reliable locksmith service catering to all your needs with an aim to bring you security, convenience, peace of mind, and reliability.


Home, automotive & commercial locksmith services in Tucson, AZ

In order to bring all your needs together, we have developed and sharpened our skills to offer you residential locksmith services, commercial locksmith services and automotive locksmith services. So now you don’t need to have multiple contact details of various locksmith shops in Tucson. You only need have one contact now – ours!


What service(s) do you need? You can rely on us for:

  • Car and home lockouts
  • Auto transponder and key duplication
  • Car door replacement and upgrades
  • Home and business safe installation/upgrade
  • Smart keyless solutions for your home or business
  • Re-keying solutions
  • And more!


You can trust us with your property

How do I find a good locksmith? Can locksmiths be trusted? These are the questions people ask themselves when looking for a locksmith service; and with very good reason. The answer is that you CAN find a good locksmith. And the right locksmith can be trusted. Just like many other residents and business owners in Tucson, AZ, you too can trust us. We are professional, experienced, and we value our customers and their locksmithing needs.


How do I know if my locksmith is real? We can’t speak for other businesses but we are licensed and operate a physical address which is listed on our website. An illegitimate business will most likely not have those two.


What makes us the best?

We continually educate ourselves to learn what modern security systems pertaining to vehicles and door locks are in the market. If you want smart key-less locking systems we know what to recommend to you. The same applies to ignition systems, key-less systems and transponder key systems for modern cars. We also offer emergency services in case you get yourself into a tricky situation, we are easy to work with, and our rates are highly competitive.


We are at your service 24/7

You may need a locksmith to let you into your house, change your locks, make you a new key or install security surveillance systems on your property at odd hours and in a hurry. This is why we wouldn’t be the best if we didn’t offer 24/7 emergency services. We will come to your rescue when you need us the most.


OR Locksmith LLC is the most reliable locksmith Tucson has in store. Call us right now, save our contact details in your emergency list, and rest easy knowing you will never need another locksmith service.


Pets Locked In Cars? What To Do

Cases of pets left in cars (either deliberately or by mistake) are ever on the rise. Have you ever left a pet inside a locked car at some point? As automotive locksmiths, we sometimes respond to emergency vehicle lockout situations involving pets. So we know a thing or two about such situations. Read to gain some insights on what to do, and what not to do, when it comes to leaving pets in cars, as well as what to do if you have a pet locked in a car that needs rescue.

Why people leave pets in cars

When people leave their pets in cars by mistake, it sometimes is a result of underestimating how long they will be out. They may leave their pet inside the car thinking they will only be gone for 5 minutes only to come back after 30 minutes or an hour. Other people carelessly forget that they had their pet in the car. In cases of deliberate abuse, some owners may leave their pets inside cars with no regard to the pet’s welfare simply because they can.

Should you leave a pet in a locked vehicle?

It is not okay to leave your dog or other pet inside the car alone unless it is an emergency situation and you are sure you will be back in about 5 minutes. And in such cases, it is important to take certain measures to ensure that your pet will be safe. These measures include:
• Leaving your contact details well displayed in case of emergency.
• Leaving your car’s air conditioning system on to keep the car’s inside from overheating.
• Leaving your windows slightly ajar to allow extra air circulation.
• Indicating that there is a pet inside the car to alert third parties such as tow companies and police.

How long can a dog survive in a locked car? Within 10 to 15 minutes the inside of your car can heat up considerably and cause serious mental damage to the pet. Prolonged isolation in the car can also cause stress and anxiety. In dire cases death can occur.

What to do if you see a pet left in a locked vehicle

Do you know what to do if there is a dog locked in a car? There are a number of things you can do to help. One, you can call the owner if a contact number is available. Two, you can call the police or animal control. You can also call an automotive locksmith.

Can you break a window to save a pet? If the pet in question appears to be in trouble and there is no sigh of help, you may choose to take matters into your own hands and break a window. This action is permitted in Arizona, among other key states.

Pet locked in car at home? Call an automotive locksmith

If your pet is accidentally locked in the car at home or some other place, you may want to call your locksmith in Tucson and ask for emergency help. Through an emergency locksmith service you can get your pet to safety within a short period of time while avoiding legal trouble. However this only applies if the locksmith service is available to come by immediately and you’re not putting your pet in harm’s way.

Please note: The law is quite clear about pet cruelty. Take any measures you can to avoid leaving a pet in a locked car. Call OR Locksmiths if you need an emergency auto lockout service.