5 Sure Ways To Tell If Your Locksmith Is Reliable Or Not

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Most locksmiths are great people and great service providers. But you might have had one or two not-so-pleasant experiences with a locksmith. If so, you might be asking yourself – How do I find a trustworthy locksmith? As a preferred Locksmith in Marana, AZ, we can tell you a few ways to check if the locksmith company you are looking into is legit or not. Check it out below.


  1. Insured, licensed & bonded

Can I trust locksmiths? You can trust any business – just not on face value. The locksmith in question must show you that they are trustworthy. Or they must show you that they are not untrustworthy. And it all starts with the basics. Check if they are licensed to work in your area, check that they are bonded so that your work is completed no matter what, and check that they are insured so that you can get compensated should your furniture, car, or other property get damaged in the course of their work.


  1. Has an office/shop

How do I know if my locksmith is real? It’s totally normal to ask yourself whether that locksmith company you saw online exists or not. A sure way to find out if they are real or not is to ask if they have a shop where they operate from. Even if they are a mobile service they should have a small shop where everything is centered. Next step, make a visit to their shop and see if they are real. Having a physical shop is not a guarantee that a business is real but it is a very good sign.


  1. Is reachable on phone during all business hours

You may need a locksmith at any time of the day (or night). Another good way to see if they are reliable, therefore, is to see if they do answer their phone. A reliable business (especially a locksmith service) will strive to always answer their calls. More so, when it is normal business hours. If a locksmith business cannot be reached easily that is a red flag that you should be careful with them.


  1. Has active clients

A reliable business will attract many clients over time. After all, everyone wants a reliable locksmith or plumber, electrician, etc. So check to see if the business has active clients. Is there anyone else seeking their services? See if anyone else is coming to their shop. Look to see if their business van makes any calls from the office. Does their phone ring with customer calls? Go ahead and ask them how business is doing.


  1. Has good reviews from past clients

What makes a great locksmith? Well, great service of course! And by service we mean it all. So how do you tell if a locksmith has great service before you have even tried them? By seeing what those who have are saying about them. That is, check their customer reviews. You can do that by:

  • Talking to friends or colleagues who may have tried them.
  • Checking comments on their social media pages or on their website.
  • Looking through review sites such as Yelp, BBB, and Trustpilot.


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