Rekeying Your Car’s Locks And When You Should Do It

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Are you thinking about protecting your vehicle from theft? Are you considering changing the locks perhaps? There is the option to rekey your car locks instead. Read all about it below to understand what that is and why it could be a great idea for you.


What is car rekeying?

A car rekeying service is the same as a residential or a commercial rekeying service. This is where the locks are reconfigured to take different keys. So you get to remain with the same locks but use new keys from that point on. The older keys will not be able to open the locks anymore. This is a great alternative to changing locks entirely.


How much does a car rekey service cost?

The cost of rekeying your car will depend mainly on the make and model of the vehicle. Older cars with simpler locking systems are cheaper to rekey. However, newer cars with more sophisticated locks will be costlier to replace. That is because the risks are higher when rekeying such models. Another factor that will influence the cost of a car rekey is the location you’re in. A rekey in bigger cities will cost more than it typically does in Marana or Oro Valley, AZ.

On average, a car rekey will cost between $65 and $200.

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Advantages of a car rekey service

There are some solid reasons why people choose to rekey their car locks. They include:

  • It is cheaper than replacing the locks.

Changing the locks of your automobile will cost you considerably more than simply rekeying them. And because the end result is the same, you can always opt for a rekey and save some money.

  • It makes your vehicle more secure.

A rekey means that all previous keys that were used to access the vehicle are now redundant. This makes your vehicle more secure especially if you have lost your keys recently.


When you should rekey your car’s locks

  1. Right after buying a second hand vehicle.
  2. After an attempted security break-in or theft.
  3. When you have lost the original keys.
  4. After every few years of use, especially with commercial use such as rentals.
  5. After changing the ignition system so that you have a single key opening both.


Common questions about car rekeying:

  1. Is it cheaper to rekey or replace locks?

It is cheaper to rekey your car than it is to replace the locks. However, the cost difference is not that huge.


  1. Can you rekey a car ignition?

Yes, car ignition systems can be rekeyed. This happens often. Some of the reasons for rekeying a car’s ignition system include accidental damage or attempted theft.


  1. Can you rekey a car without the original key?

Yes, this is possible as well.


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