Why You Should Have An Automotive Locksmith On Your Quick Dial

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When most people see a locksmith service, they think about residential or commercial locksmith services in Tucson. While these are common areas where we provide our skilled services, there is one other critical sector that many forget about. And that is automotive locksmith services. And this is where we provide our services to vehicle owners. If you own a vehicle in Tucson, we can be of great help on a number of areas as discussed below. And as you can imagine, it is better to have a locksmith in mind (or better yet on your quick dial) before you are in need of them.


In the same way people find themselves locked out of their homes or business premises, they also do find themselves locked out of their vehicles too. A car lockout situation can happen due to a number of reasons:
• Misplaced keys
• Stolen keys
• Keys locked inside car

We can get you out of a car lockout situation safely, quickly, and without any damage to your vehicle.

Car key programing

Can a locksmith program a car key? Yes, we can. And we offer this service here at OR locksmith Tucson. A programmed key offers much better security for your vehicle compared to a traditional key. A programmed key is equipped with a unique computer chip that communicates with the car. If you need a spare or replacement programmed key, we can help you out.
Can you program a car key yourself? This is not possible because the programming process is sensitive for security reasons. Only a locksmith service or a car dealership can offer you this service. And the former is usually cheaper than the latter.

Key duplication

It pays to have a duplicate key of your vehicle. For one, should you ever misplace your key or lock yourself out, you can use the spare to gain access in your car. The same applies if your one key gets damaged. Duplicating your car keys is also convenient if the automobile is shared among several family members or co-workers since each party can have their own copy. Do you have a duplicate copy of your car key?

Changing car locks

If you would like to enhance the security of your vehicle and make it harder for burglars or car thieves to get their hands on your cherished automobile, changing the locks is a smart move. This is ideal if you live in a crime-prone area, you just bought a second-hand vehicle, or if theft attempts have been made on your vehicle in the past. Premium car locks are harder to tamper with. Your automobile locksmith can safely remove the old locks and install new aftermarket upgrades. They can also advise you on the best or the safest car lock brands in the market.

Keys stuck or broken inside locks

In the same way keys get stuck inside home locks, car keys can sometimes get stuck (or break) inside their locks. This can be a frustrating experience if you don’t know who to call for help. As automotive locksmiths, OR locksmiths can help you with this problem. We can remove the stuck or broken keys without causing damage to the locks.

Do you have OR Locksmiths LLC on your quick dial yet?