Locksmith Services in Oro Valley & Marana, AZ


Finding a good, reliable, locksmith wherever you are is quite a tricky affair. You don’t want to try the very first locksmith you come across. But then again, you may not know how to determine which provider is better. Does that feel familiar?

At OR Locksmith we aim to provide professional locksmith services day in, day out. If you are within the Oro Valley and Marana area we are here for you. And we tackle all locksmith services.

Read on to see which locksmith services you may need, what these services cost, and why we are the best locksmith in Oro Valley.

Why seeking locksmith services is important:

How does a locksmith help us? A locksmith can add a lot of value to your home, business, and your daily life. Here’s how:

  • Lock repairs:

Locksmiths will fix your locks when they get damaged, as they tend to do from time to time.  This may entail keys stuck in locks, faulty locks, etc.

  • Emergency services:

A locksmith can get you out of tricky situations such as when you lock yourself out of your home/car/workplace. They can also generate new keys or change your locks when you lose your old one.

  • Convenience:

Need another set of keys so that other people using the car or property can come and go as they please? A locksmith can duplicate your keys, including commercial card keys and key fobs.

  • Maintenance and service:

It’s a good idea to have your locks checked and serviced once in a while. Doing so prevents wear and tear or potential failure. Commercial locks, safes, car locks, and car ignition systems need this.

  • Security:

A locksmith has the know-how to make your home, car, or business place safer. Talk to them about installing safes, alarms, rekeys, and new high-security locks.

Residential locksmith in Oro Valley & Marana, AZ

If you live in the Oro Valley and Marana area, we can offer you the residential services you require. On one part you have the need-basis services such as repairing faulty lock hardware, installing a new lock, replacing lost keys, etc. These needs come unexpectedly.

Then there are planned services such as maintenance of your safe and surveillance systems. You can also install or upgrade security via an alarm system. And you may also run into emergencies such as lockouts now and then.

Automotive locksmith in Oro Valley & Marana, AZ

Your car also needs our Locksmith Marana, AZ, services. For example, do you have a duplicate car key for emergencies or when you lend out your vehicle? We can duplicate traditional car keys as well as modern key fobs. We can even rekey the ignition system so that you use only one key to unlock your doors and start the car.

Of course, you could lose your car keys or mistakenly lock them inside the vehicle. In such cases we offer mobile vehicle lockout services anywhere around Marana and Oro Valley.

Commercial locksmith in Oro Valley & Marana, AZ

If you operate a commercial property in the area, you could use us as your locksmith in Oro Valley. For new businesses/stores, we can install commercial security locks to safeguard your premises. We can also install safes and security surveillance systems so that you protect your cash and monitor transactions therein.

Besides that, we can program keypad locking systems, card keys, duplicate keys, repair worn locks, and so much more. We also recommend annual and semi-annual maintenance for commercial locks and security systems.

How to get a reliable locksmith in Oro Valley, AZ

How do I find a trusted locksmith?

There are many trustworthy locksmiths all around. You just need to be careful evaluating different providers. Asking for friends and family for recommendations is one good way to go about it. You can also check user reviews online and see which companies get the best feedback.

What should I look for when hiring a locksmith?

First, check that they are insured, licensed, and able to serve the area you are in. See if they have a physical location and a dedicated phone line for fast communication. Next, check that they offer all the different services you need. Lastly, check to see if they are sufficiently knowledgeable about their work.

What do you ask a locksmith?

  1. Do you offer emergency services?
  2. Do you have a physical location?
  3. Do you have several customers I can talk to about your work?
  4. Do you provide mobile services?
  5. Why should I/we hire your services?

How much do locksmith services cost in Oro Valley & Marana, AZ?

It’s good to know what costs are associated with your locksmith in Oro Valley and Marana so that you can budget accordingly; and also so that you can protect yourself from ever being conned.

How much do locksmiths usually charge?

  • Normal callout            – $50
  • After-hours callout     – $100
  • Lock replacement       – $60/hour
  • Lock-rekey service      – $45/hour
  • Key duplication          – $30/hour

How much does it cost to have your locks changed?

In Marana and Oro Valley, the cost of changing locks will be about $60. But note that this rate can be higher depending on the type of lock being worked on.

What you can expect once you reach out to us

When you contact OR Locksmiths we will first listen to what you need done and the solutions you are looking for. We will then get your details and ask you where you are located. Next we will evaluate whether you need an emergency service or a planned callout service. We will then offer you free quotes over the phone and schedule your service needs.

What would you like from your locksmith in Oro Valley? Call us right now on 520-588-0000 and talk to us. We have mobile technicians ready to come to your home or place of business fully equipped with all the tools and most of the parts needed for repairs and light services.