7 Reasons To Have Your Locksmith in Tucson Install A Doorbell Camera in Your Home in 2022


Do you know about doorbell cameras? Have you thought about installing one in your home? As a preferred locksmith in Tucson, we are well familiarized with doorbell cameras and have installed quite a number of them for our clients.

There are many doorbell camera brands in the market today. Some of the common ones are Nest, Ring, Arlo, Wyze, Logitech, among others. They work by alerting you when someone rings your doorbell or when someone is within close proximity to your door. You can then communicate with that person, and they can do the same too.

Should you get a video doorbell? We think so. And here’s why:

Keep yourself safe – see who’s at the door

When your doorbell rings, how do you know who is waiting for you on the other side? Is it a friend, your neighbor, a delivery guy, or a stranger? This is even more important when it’s your kids left at home alone.

How can I make my home safer?

A doorbell camera lets you know who’s near your property even before they have rung your door. And if it’s a criminal who is hovering around and maybe planning to steal items around your front door, the camera will alert you of that as well so that you can take the appropriate steps. And what makes all this better is that you get these alerts even when you’re not at home!

Curb burglaries in and around your house

Are you worried about strangers straying into your Tucson home and attempting to steal your hard-earned property? Have you had run-ins with burglars of late?

What do burglars hate?

Burglars hate to be spotted committing crimes. They love to come and go unnoticed. So, one of the best ways to deter them is to install surveillance equipment. And what makes doorbell cameras so effective here is that the burglars do not know they are being monitored until it’s too late. While traditional surveillance cameras can be spotted from further away, burglars often do not identify doorbell cameras until their faces are all over your camera.

Spend a little money on this and save yourself the cost and trouble of having to replace valuable items which have been stolen or damaged in your property.

Monitor your home remotely at any time

Would you like to see what is going on in your home even when you are away? Many doorbell cameras can let you do just that. And as one of the best locksmiths Oro Valley has, we can carry out this installation for you at very good rates.

How can I monitor my home from anywhere?

Once we have set up this installation for you, you’ll be in a position to check in even when at work or away on travel. All you have to do is go to your mobile phone app that is linked to the doorbell and tap to see a livestream of what is going on outside your house. Does that sound like something you’d like to have access to?

Notice deliveries as they happen

Are you often anxiously waiting for a package wondering when it will get there? Well, with a doorbell camera you never have to wonder any more. Your mobile phone will be buzzing with alerts the moment the delivery van is parked at the curb. That way you can go to the door to receive your goods in person. Or, you can even give the delivery person instructions via the doorbell, if you so wish.

What time to deliveries usually arrive? Your packages can arrive at any time during the day; all the more reason to think about this security installation.

Deter porch pirates

Have you ever had one of your packages stolen right off your porch? Tired of porch pirates? Porch pirates are responsible for stealing thousands of packages around America valued at millions every year. There is an easy solution though.

How do I stop my package from being stolen from my porch?

Never lose a package again. As we said earlier, a doorbell camera lets you know who is around your front lawn and even lets you talk to them. With that said, such a doorbell will alert you any time a package vandal approaches your door and you can scare them off remotely. Of course, they will think you’re right behind the door even when you might be miles away in another state!

Can talk to kids or family too

Another great reason why you should have your favorite mobile locksmith in Tucson install a doorbell camera in your home is that you can easily stay in touch with friends, family, or anyone dropping by when you’re not around.

Can I talk to someone through my ring doorbell? Yes you can; in real time too.

Are your kids or the baby sitter at home and without a phone? They can go to the front door and talk to you!

Talk to service providers remotely when away

Sometimes you have service providers coming to your home and you just wish you could talk to them to issue special instructions, to say “thank you”, or maybe just to remotely monitor their work. We’re talking about cleaners, garbage collectors, delivery mail staff, landscapers, builders, etc.

With a doorbell camera you can talk to such people working in or around your property even without needing to have their phone number – which might be the case. Or you can just watch how they work, what they do, what time they came in to work, etc.

We are the best locksmith Tucson has and we’d love to help you make your home safer. If you think a doorbell camera would be a great addition to your home, give us a call and let us issue you with a free quote. We can also discuss other security installations such as alarm systems, new locks, keyless systems, and more. Talk to us today.