A locksmith company is a great contact to have in your phone for you never know when you may need one. We are an essential services provider in some way. After all, security is essential, and we provide it; sometimes we even guarantee it through our services.

If you have been looking for a good locksmith company in Oro Valley, AZ, your search can successfully end here for you have found us. Say hello to OR Locksmith! We are an Oro Valley Locksmith and we would like you to know that we are here for you should need you any automotive, residential or commercial/business service/support. We offer great services and we know that not only would you like us too, but more importantly, you will benefit immensely from our professional touch. We give our clients peace of mind; the peace of mind of knowing that your vehicle, home or business premises are safe from threats and accidents.

OR Locksmiths – At your service in Oro Valley, AZ

OR Locksmith is your one-stop-shop for all matters to do with locksmithing, keys, locks, and security. Even when you are not sure how to make your property secure, you can fall back on us to tell you, and get you, what you need.

We are a small team of professional and competent locksmith technicians that know their work like the back of their hands. We take our job seriously and we do great work. We are able to easily tackle all manner of locksmith problems because we are highly skilled and we continuously enlighten ourselves and train in order to understand the latest in locksmithing. This is one of the ways we keep ourselves a league apart from the rest of the locksmith companies in the area. You don’t want to rely on a locksmith that hasn’t studiesd industry technologies and advancements of the last 20 years, do you?

But more than being professional, we are a great company to work with.  At OR Locksmith AZ, we are honest, transparent, and easy to work with. We are a service that you will love to connect with each time.

Locally owned and operated!

We are not an outsider business trying to set up shop in the area. We are not new to Arizona or Oro Valley. OR Locksmith is a local locksmith company – born and bred. We 100% locally-owned and operated. We are your kin and brothers and friends. We are the very people you are meeting in the streets, at the market, or in church.

When you hire us, you can be proud that you are supporting another local company, and by doing so supporting local Oro Valley business. We strongly believe in cooperation and lifting each other up. That is why we are good to our fellow customers. We want to see you do good too so we offer you the very best locksmith service that you can find around. Let us support you, as you support us – a fellow local company in AZ.

Residential Locksmith in Oro Valley

One of our main services in Oro Valley is residential services. Can a locksmith make a new house key? We do so much more:

We are the people you need if you have locked yourself out of the house, if you have lost your keys, if a key has jammed the door lock, if you are moving into a property and need all locks changed. We are the company you want to deal with if you are installing a modern security system or want a safe in your master bedroom. We can even help source and install a home security system or a surveillance system.

When it comes to residential locksmith services, our goal is to keep you, your family, and all your property safe at all times.

Automotive Locksmith in Oro Valley

Can locksmiths make keys for cars?

Yes, as automotive locksmiths, this is one of the services we offer.  We can make new duplicate keys for your new vehicle and we can program new transponder keys. Even though you could get this same service from your dealership in Oro valley, we are probably faster and cheaper!

What other services does an auto locksmith offer?:

– We offer lockout rescue services for when you have locked yourself out of your vehicle or when you have lost your keys.

– We offer ignition keys replacement

– We can replace locks and replace them with new sets.

Will a locksmith damage my car?

Normally, no. The only time a locksmith will damage your car is if they are not well trained. As well-trained local automotive locksmiths in Oro Valley, we understand how to safely work on cars without scratching the body of the vehicle or damaging parts.

Commercial Locksmith in Oro Valley

If you own or operate a commercial business in Oro Valley we can help you keep your investment, your staff, and your customers safe. We have worked with many businesses in the state and we understand what your needs are. We know which commercial locks and security systems work best. Partner with us and let us help make movement more organized and secure within your premises while avoiding risk cases such as burglary and break-ins.

What is the difference between commercial locksmith and automotive locksmith?

A commercial locksmith deals with businesses such as stores, shops, residential living units, banks, malls and offices. They deal with keys, keyless entry systems, surveillance systems, and other means of maintaining safety and security. An automotive locksmith, on the other hand, deals with keys, locks, and security systems pertaining to vehicles. But as your Oro Valley locksmith, we can do both for you. That means we can service and maintain the security systems of your business, as well as those of your fleet or company cars.

Reliable Locksmiths you can trust in

In the locksmith industry, reliability is a key requirement. You do not want to place the security of your business, home, or vehicle on just anyone. And you have probably tried other companies or individuals in the past with little success.

From now on, we encourage you to bank on our services here in Oro Valley, AZ. We know that you need a reliable locksmith company that you can trust in at all times. We know you want a company that is professional, reachable when you have an urgent matter, and one that offers great service every time – not just sometimes. OR Locksmith LLC is a locksmith service you can trust in.

Our mobile locksmiths come wherever you are in Oro Valley

In the past, most locksmith companies were run from one physical address only. You had to take your keys and locks there for service in most cases. Today, the locksmith business is highly mobile. And we have not been left behind. We offer a mobile service too so we can come to your aid wherever you are in the area. We can come to your office, store/shop, to your home, or to wherever your car is by the road.

The advantages of having a mobile locksmith service include:

  • Enjoy quick responses since we can dispatch a technician to you immediately.
  • Enjoy faster service from fully-equipped vans.
  • Enjoy the convenience of having us come to you.

Emergency Locksmith Services 24/7

There are a lot of emergency situations that do arise in our line of business. You could have misplaced your keys, you may want a faulty safe repaired, you may want to install a surveillance system, you may want to replace the locks in your home, you may have locked yourself out of your vehicle at work, etc. We are here to help you with such unfortunate situations, and more. All you have to do is call on us and we shall be on our way.

As a mobile locksmith Oro Valley, we are in a position to respond to emergency locksmith situations within minutes. And because we operate 24/7 that means our support can be counted on even at night, on weekends, and even during special holidays.

A friendly locksmith near you

OR Locksmiths is not just a service provider. We are also your friendly partners. As a family owned and operated business we consider you – our clients in Oro Valley – as part of our business community. And we would like you to think of us in the same light. And as part of our business family we will look out for you as such and offer service with a smile. This is part of the benefit of working with a small but professional firm in a great town such as Oro Valley.

Best locksmith rates and discounts in Tucson!

At OR Locksmith we offer competitive rates on all our services. We believe we offer some of the best rates in the greater Tucson area. And we invite you to see if that is true. Whether you need a new lock for your front door, a duplicate transponder key for your work vehicle or a good deal on an alarm system for your office, we will work with you to get you the best rates possible.

What’s more, we also offer great discounts. You can get a discount from us if:

  • You are a first time customer.
  • You are an elderly member of the community.
  • You are a military veteran.

What to look for in a locksmith company

If you are looking to make a change with your locksmith service provider in the area, or anywhere else for that matter, we would say that these qualities are the most important to look for:

  • Are they licensed by the state?
  • Are they insured against third party liability?
  • Are they from the area?
  • Do they offer emergency services?
  • Are they easily reachable, especially via phone?
  • Are they a 24-hour locksmith?
  • Do they have good reviews online?
  • Are they sufficiently skilled and experienced in their craft?
  • Do they have good customer care service?

Why use OR Locksmiths in Oro Valley, AZ?

How do I find a good locksmith? We believe you have just found yourself a great locksmith service that you can rely on for many years to come. And why should you use us? We tick all the boxes that a good locksmith company should have. OR Locksmith Oro Valley is a highly-skilled locksmith service offering friendly services 24/7, and at great rates. Our customers all over the area like what we do and we value their business. And that is the same way we shall value your business and your property when you partner with us or call on us for help. That is our promise to you.

Areas we serve in Oro Valley, AZ

We serve all the different estates and towns in Oro Valley, AZ. That includes:

  • Saddle Valley
  • Oro Valley Estates
  • Vista Del Oro
  • Master Hill
  • Gold Canyon
  • Rams Canyon
  • Palisades Point
  • Rancho Verde
  • Tangerine Hills
  • Hardy Place
  • Suffolk Hills
  • Monterra
  • Coyote Ridge
  • Vistoso
  • Sun City
  • Commerce Plaza
  • Copper Creek

NB: Even if you don’t see your locality above we can still serve you if you’re in the greater Tucson area. Call us and tell us where you are.

Give us a call and let’s get started!

Your Oro Valley locksmith awaits you. How can we help you? Give us a call, drop in at our shop or set up an appointment for one of our mobile locksmith to come to your address. Check out all the different services we offer and be sure to ask us if you qualify for any of our many discounts.