Need new car keys or locks? Why you may want to visit your auto locksmith in Tucson instead of going to the dealership

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Should I take my car to a dealership or an automotive locksmith service?

This is probably a question you have wrestled with in your mind a couple of times. It’s probably something you are evaluating right now because you’re on this page.

When it comes to locks and keys, you have the option of going to your local car locksmith. And by doing so, you will find that you can enjoy many benefits while still getting the very same level of service. Of course, this only works if you go to an auto locksmith like OR that offers quality service.

Some of the advantages of a car locksmith over a local dealership include:

It’s much cheaper

Any time you have to take your vehicle to the car dealership you often have to part with quite a bit of money regardless of the scope of work to be carried out. This is why many car owners will prefer to take their automobiles to local mechanics instead of driving them to the dealership.

When it comes to locks and car keys, the same goes.

Is a locksmith cheaper than a dealership?

Yes, you will get a much lower bill when replacing or repairing car locks and car keys at a locksmith compared to when you seek the same service at the dealership. You will get charged about half the price of the dealership – or less! Does that sound attractive to you? We bet it does!

You get immediate service

When your car keys are lost, your vehicle locks are jammed, or your car transponder key is not working, you want to have such problems fixed fast. You do not have the luxury of waiting a few days. After all, you need to use your car that same very day – or that very moment.

If you contact your local car dealership, chances are that they will ask you to book an appointment – either for later that day or maybe a few days down the line depending on how much work they have at the time. Can you wait that long?

How long does it take a locksmith to make a car key?

The good news is that an automotive locksmith service can get you a duplicate car key in less than an hour. At OR Locksmith Tucson, you can get immediate service. And in most cases we prepare duplicate keys within 30 minutes.

There are no out-of-warranty limitations

Are you worried that your vehicle is out of warranty and you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket at the dealership? Well, that is one of the benefits of visiting an auto locksmith for all issues pertaining to locks and keys. You don’t have to worry about not having warranty. And because the costs at the locksmith are quite affordable, you won’t mind either, even if you’re covered.

Do you have to get a car serviced at the dealership for warranty?

Most manufacturers insist the vehicle be worked on by specialists and that they get fitted with original parts to avoid voiding the warranty. At OR Auto Locksmith Tucson, we can stick to these requirements while still saving you a lot of money.

There are no vehicle brand limitations either

Do dealerships work on other brands?

In most cases car dealerships will focus on one type of car brand. And even if the dealership in your town also works with other car brands, you may not want to go there because you want an outlet that specializes with the make of your vehicle.

An auto locksmith specializes in all car makes and models. So you don’t have to worry about whether they can work on your vehicle or not. This is an extra benefit if you own different vehicles in your home because that means you don’t have to visit multiple dealerships any time you want to duplicate your keys or upgrade the door locks.

Mobile services are available

For the most part, most car dealerships will only work on vehicles during normal hours. And this will happen only within their premises. So what happens when you lock yourself out of your car out in the middle of the road? That would mean towing your car to the dealership. But there is a better solution – mobile services by your car locksmith in Tucson.

How does a mobile locksmith work?

A mobile car locksmith will usually have a modified van that is equipped with all their tools of trade. They can therefore drive to your location – be it at your office, home, or anywhere you are stranded. Once on location, they can unlock your vehicle, repair your car keys, change your locks, etc.

You get much better coverage during emergencies

When you lose your car keys, they get damaged, or your locks stop working, you have an emergency on your hands. And in most cases, such damage occurs just when you need your car the most. So you need a solution that is almost immediate.

As we mentioned earlier, car dealerships operate during set normal hours and they often require scheduling an appointment. That makes them a not-so-suitable choice for emergencies.

But luckily, local auto locksmiths are well positioned to handle emergencies whenever they occur, and wherever they happen. They work outside normal office hours and they can come to you when you are stranded somewhere.

So what do you think? Do you prefer your local car dealership or your local automotive locksmith service when it comes to car keys and locks? We bet you agree with us that going to a local locksmith service is cheaper, faster, and less of a hassle.

Most people who shy away from auto locksmiths do so because they fear that the service may not be at par with what a dealership offers. While locksmiths differ, we invite you to try our superior services and products here at OR Locksmiths Tucson. You will find that we have great machinery, expert locksmiths, and great service. Try us today!