Which Lock Should I Choose For My Garage?

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The garage is a space often used to store valuables such as tools or your car. Because burglary is everywhere, securing your garage door in Tucson, Arizona, is essential to prevent theft. When it comes to securing your home, we often think first of the front door. Therefore your garage probably isn’t as secure as the rest of your house. Thieves can take advantage of that. So let’s review the different garage door locks options that will give you peace of mind.

OR Locksnith Tucson Slide Lock

Slide Locks

The most popular option is the slide locks, also called latches. First of all, because they are cost-effective if you don’t use a garage door opener. Second of all because they are effortless to install.

OR Locksnith Tucson T-handle Lock

T-handle locks

Another popular way to secure your garage is to use T-handle locks. This type of lock uses a cylinder key to lock. It makes it harder to replicate the key, so it adds a layer of security.

OR Locksnith Tucson Automatic Lock

Automatic garage door locks

Many people choose to install an automatic garage door. It’s often the chosen option for people that use their garage door as an entry to their house. It opens with a remote, and it locks once your garage door is closed.

When it comes to locking your garage, you want to make sure you are choosing the right lock. Therefore you should consider a few things. First, you need to find a lock that matches the type of door you have. In order to maximize the level of security of your lock, you should make sure of its strength and quality. Finally, be sure to have a competent and professional locksmith install the locks. At OR Locksmith Tucson, we have the tools and expertise for every job, no matter the size. Our team gives you lockout solutions that will certainly receive your full satisfaction. Because we’re security industry professionals, you will be positive that all the jobs you call for are definitely conducted efficiently. Additionally, the brand-new system installs, and specialized labor is guaranteed for three months.

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