Locksmith Tucson Q&A

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Secure Locks

How would I know if my doors and locks are secure and working properly?

There are many factors to take into consideration when checking all doors for security purposes and not one simple check to see if everything is tight and secure.  There are many ways to get into a lock.

In your own best interests, if you are not a trained professional you will not know what to look for.
It’s best to have your local locksmith check this for you.

Don’t let someone simply give you advice over the phone or simply tell you that everything SOUNDS right!

Do You Need To Rekey Or Change The Lock

When it comes to all things locks and keys-related, a locksmith is the one to contact and ask for help, no matter what your problem and its level of complexity is. A short conversation with a qualified locksmith can spare you lots of time and money and help you make the right decision when you need to decide whether you need a lock change or a lock rekey, or anything else!

Lock change is not necessarily a worse option than a lock rekey, but it’s totally unnecessary for those who only need to limit access to their property for strangers, who might be having the keys., as this can be done easily through lock rekeying. However, lock change is a must in case that your lock is broken, or if you’ve experienced a burglary and need a safe lock to get higher protection level.

What’s the difference between a lock change and a lock rekey, and what does a “lock re-key” mean?

Lock rekeying is a process performed by a Locksmith, which changes the tumblers inside the lock, thus turning it stranger to the key that used to fit that same lock before. This option is great if you have a properly working lock and it’s a good enough lock to protect your property. Locks rekeying will save you time and money, it can be done 24 hours a day and it requires less time and parts used! It’s very recommended to rekey your locks when you move to a new home!