Does Your Apartment in Tucson, AZ, Need New Locks?

Whether you’re looking to let out your new house or prepare it for a new tenant, getting a profitable return on your investment demands that your property is secured before listing it.

Essentially, your apartment needs to be in good shape. But more importantly, it needs to have adequate security if you are to entice potential tenants, a task requiring an affordable locksmith near me.

Where can I access an affordable locksmith?

Call a locksmith Tucson, AZ if you accidentally slam the door of your house and can’t get in, lose your car keys or need a high-security system to safeguard your property.

When should you engage a locksmith for apartment? 

Before admitting a new tenant, most landlords will opt to change locks as a precautionary measure. Changing locks is purely for security reasons to prevent former tenants from accessing the property. While tenants should request that locks be changed before moving in, they have no right to change them without seeking permission from the landlord.

A landlord under Arizona law has a right to a copy of the house key for any new locks, as they may need to access the property for inspection, repairs or any other reasons.

How can I improve my property’s security?

By investing in quality locks that are not easily accessible. During the construction process, building contractors rarely concentrate on the kind of locks they use, mainly simple ones. It is up to the homeowner to enhance their security by upgrading their locks to a more secure brand. Contact a locksmith for apartment as they will offer guidance on enhancing your security. With the help of a locksmith Tucson, a home owner can upgrade the locks to their new home without damaging doors.

Is it the landlord or tenant’s responsibility to replace locks?

It is the responsibility of the landlord or home owner to keep a property safe and in a habitable condition which includes replacing damaged locks. This is assuming that the damage is through wear and tear and not the tenant’s negligence.

If the tenant is liable for the damage, he bears the cost of the locksmith’s services and the lock.

Which other circumstances require the services of a locksmith? 

The law in Arizona has not given landlords the authority to lock out defaulting tenants from their premises. If a tenant is unable to pay rent or refuses to vacate, the landlord cannot lock out the tenant or hire a locksmith to change locks.

However, they can seek legal redress to evict the tenant or have law enforcers remove the tenant after going through a court process. After legally regaining possession of the property, a landlord can have the locks changed, regardless of whether the tenant’s property is still on the premises. If you need a local auto locksmith, get one that is certified and has a good reputation.

If a tenant rents for commercial purposes and fails to pay rent, a landlord can lock out the tenant unless stated otherwise in the lease agreement.


Whether you need a local automotive locksmith or a locksmith for apartment, we have a well-trained professional team that is on call 24/7 to address any of your concerns. You may be a new landlord seeking to upgrade your locks, a tenant negotiating additional security, or a homeowner who wants to replace damaged locks. Whatever you need, OR Locksmith can help.